Lal Zimman, who uses the pronouns he/him or they/them, is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara on Chumash land

Are you a prospective student who is interested in working with me?

Start by familiarizing yourselve with my research and lab, then feel free to reach out to me (email address above) to talk more.

Graduate students seeking primary advising:

Graduate students who are interested in working closely with me must apply directly to the MA or PhD in Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara. Our admissions process involves faculty collectively deciding which students to admit rather than each faculty member selecting their own students individually. Students tend to be most successful in our admissions process when their materials state clearly articulated research goals, describe substantive research experience (ideally in the areas of interest), and demonstrate a strong understanding of and commitment to our department as a whole rather than applying to work with on faculty member alone.

As of 2022, it is rare for me to admit students as my primary advisees unless they are working on topics that are under the umbrella of trans linguistics. There may be exceptions, however, and I welcome prospective students to schedule a brief Zoom chat with me to see if your areas of interest might be a good fit.

Graduate students in other departments or institutions:

Graduate students in Linguistics at UCSB are always welcome to request that I sit on a committee. If you are in another department at UCSB or at another institution and hope to have me sit on a committee, this may be possible provided I have time and feel that I could contribute substantively to your project. Here too, I rarely accept requests that are not focused on trans linguistics or closely related to other work I have done (and, again, there may be occasional exceptions).

In considering an invitation to serve on your committee, I generally need to have at least one of the following: 1) experience working with you in a class or in some other capacity (summer institute, organized conference panel, research projects, etc.), 2) a conversation about your research interests and plans, and/or 3) examples of work you have previously done on the topics you plan to explore.

I also welcome undergraduates at UCSB who are interested in working with me on any of the following: